The biggest cause for a car failing to start or for a breakdown is the battery. The battery is responsible for starting up the car and providing the power for the entire electrical system of your vehicle, so it’s an extremely important piece of kit.

Some of the most common issues with car batteries are as follows:

Leaving electrics on without the engine running – causes the battery to become flat.

Excessive strain on the battery – using a lot of power hungry peripherals such as stereos, sat navs, DVD players etc all at the same time can cause the battery to go flat.

Cold weather – cold weather means your battery will take longer to charge as well as a reduction in output power.

Corrosion – a badly corroded battery will need replacing by an autoelectrician such as ourselves to get you back on the road.

Alternator – whilst your engine is running, your alternator’s job is to charge the battery. If the battery isn’t charging, you may have a problem with your alternator.

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